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My name is Pawel and I’m a wedding photographer. You can meet me in Warsaw, where I live and work, but I also travel around the world. I specialise in wedding photo stories (the documentary style of wedding photography). If you got inspired by the film above, please write to me and tell me what you would like us to create together.

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It's your turn

Write to me about your wedding plans, tell me about your inspirations and the wedding photos that you dream about. Remember to include the time and place of your wedding and the wedding reception!



What do you do?

I devote 100% of my professional life to photography. I do wedding as well as commercial photography, I run photography workshops and image processing courses.

What's your experience?

Decade as a wedding photographer and hundreds of satisfied couples.

What are your photos like?

Rich and succulent, both in frame as well as colour.

How do you work?

My clients say I’m discreet, but if the situation requires, I find myself at the centre of things :)

Where can I see your full wedding photo stories?

Visit my website:

How do you secure our photos?

I work with minimum 2 cameras, couple lenses and copy files on 3 separate hard disk drives in 2 locations.

My dream is a black-and-white wedding photo documentary... Do you do those?

It’s my dream, too... :)

How can we book a date?

Just let me know what is your wedding date by email. If it's still free I'll sent to you details.

Where can I meet you?

Mainly in and around Warsaw, but if you invite me, I’ll be happy to visit a new place.

Which places in the world have you visited?

Norway, Alaska, Hawaii, New York, Croatia, Italy...

What do you like? :)

Planning and being on the road. Northern vibes. Norwegian films. DIY.